Paving the future
for EV

From aerospace to extensive electric mobility, we are determined to provide a seamless energy storage system that is designed for the future!

 Paving the future for EV

We are on a Mission to
manufacture high-power cells
that lasts longer

We believe a modern energy storage system is necessary, revolutionising the battery technology to sustain modern EV needs. With our high-power characteristics we aim to provide batteries to applications ranging from aviation, aerospace, air mobility to even heavy-powered trucks, buses, SUVs and boats.

Our Vision To become a global leader in sustainable energy storage solutions.

We aim to expand our portfolio beyond energy storage production to include battery management systems, grid management systems, renewable energy production, EV manufacturing, and energy consultation. We are committed to exploring new fields and introducing electric batteries into industries that have traditionally relied on fossil fuels.

Satheesh Kumar
The world is slowly shifting from economical vehicles to performance alternatives. In the current EV industry, we see a huge gap in affordable performance vehicles due to the absence of a high-power energy storage solution.

Satheesh Kumar

Trydan Tech has some of the best minds working on high power energy storage solutions with improved range and cycle life which is going to accelerate the development of futuristic automobile solutions such as air mobility.

Hari Krishnan D

Satheesh Kumar

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